Sample Proofs

Here you will find some sample proofs from the de Vere Bible — illustrations of marked passages from the de Vere Bible and their corresponding echoes in the Shakespearean plays.

N.b. – due to many distractions, including completing a draft of the book and chapter summaries, and the furor caused by Anonymous, I’ve been slow in developing this part of the site.

For the time being, if you seek further details than these few sample proofs, please visit the dissertation page.  Thanks.

I wish to thank the Folger Shakespeare Library for kindly extending permission for use of images with a fee since the site is non-profit in nature.  This is generosity is particularly noteworthy in view of the fact that I have been — and may well continue to be — a public critic of some of the library’s policies and practices. As the bard would say, “let me not to the marriage of True minds admit impediments.”


Romans 7.20 from the de Vere Geneva Bible (STC 2106). By permission of the Folger Shakespeare Library.

Discussion & more discussion.


Ezekiel 16.49: One of Shakespeare's few definitive references to the Geneva Bible.



Ecclesiasticus 28.3-5: The Old Testament Origin of "Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."







Take the de Vere Bible Allusion Quiz.

The de Vere Geneva Bible online at the Folger’s Luna Collection.

Read the dissertation.

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