On Ascertaining the Future – Is Donald Trump about to be Impeached?

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"We're Done Here."

“We’re Done Here (take 2).”

Well, let’s face it; everyone in the predicting business except for Professor Lichtman, Michael Moore, the metadata miners, and to a lesser but significant extent, Nate Silver, got it wrong.  Never before in history, it may be, have so many brilliant people having been armed with so much data, predicted something so badly.

Donald Trump’s followers would have us all believe that this proves that Donald J. Trump is a miracle worker and a genius.

I mean, look at how many people he gets to buy hats with his name of them!

Now there’s a man who has success written all over his freewheeling hands, a real genuine sort of American huckster of the sort traditionally known as confidence men.

Even Trump’s own internal polling numbers told him he was going to lose, and yet he prevailed in a very close election, to take the states he needed to win the electoral college, while losing in the general election count. Is this the death knell of the electoral college system? Is that a good thing, or a bad one? My students are thinking its time for it to go. (more…)


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This is a the first in a three-part series of poems written under the general title of “Witness.”

Each poem corresponds to a description of a state of being a witness. The first one is “Pareidolia.”  I wrote this one thinking about  the Oxfrauds and their ridiculous campaign to bring the culture down to their level of intellectual acuity a la the Stratfordian cult.

The First: Pareidolia

I saw the Paul McCartney geoscape (more…)


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Quite an interesting illustration for measuring the quality of a website.






Years Work in English Study

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Somewhat to my surprise, On the Date, Sources, and Design of Shakespeare’s Tempest, my 2011 book written with Lynne Kositsky, has been rather favorably reviewed in the most recent issue of OUP’s Years Work in English Studies  by Sheilagh Ilona O’Brien, a PhD candidate in  School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics at the University of Queensland and contributing reviewer to the Oxford journal! Details.

Looking for a Map to the De Vere Bible Annotations?

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A growing collection of 16th century manicules is available on pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/carter0184/manicules/

A growing collection of 16th century manicules is available on pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/carter0184/manicules/

I continue to get inquiries along the lines of, “how do we know those manicules (see previous two posts) are really in de Vere’s handwriting?”

This is a legitimate question deserving of a leisurely analysis in the not-to-distant-future.

On the other hand I happen to have in my files some background materials that I’ve been preparing for some time now to provide a more comprehensive review of  the handwriting question more generally, including the manicules and other design elements from the Bible.

The advent of high resolution image capacity can cast a new and revealing light on  relevant pages and parts of pages of the de Vere Bible, clearing away several popular misconceptions, promulgated by Tom Veal, Tom Reedy, and the Oxfraud gang among others, that could not be fully  addressed at the time of the dissertation due to questions of sample resolution.

This post is about another kind of “map,” the map to all the passages that are marked in the Bible and which Shakespeare passages, if any, allude to those marked verses.

Originally this was Appendix G of the dissertation, but has been greatly supplemented with additional findings since the dissertation version and is being made generally available in public here in .pdf  for the first time.

You know what to do:

The Map.

This is a large file of over 170 pages.

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In "From Crackpot to Mainstream"Keir Cutler, PhD, takes down the recent Shakespeare Beyond Doubt (OUP, 2013)

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