Recto side of 1846 "Hydrachos" Manuscript.
Recto of 1846 “Hydrachos” Manuscript.
Verso Hydrachos manuscript.

Verso Hydrachos manuscript.



Illustration: rider on a Hydrarchos going right (east?) carrying a banner labeled “cluster express.”

15 Days Later—-

European News

Having galvanized the “Great Hydrachos” of the Masonic Hall we have established THE FLEETEST MARINE EXPRESS on record——-

Our wonderful express “Hydrachos” reached Boston this morning at

4 o’clock. Making his trip from Liverpool in just 27 hours 31 minutes—

Our rider reports no other particular incident of the voyage except

The pursuit across the gulf stream by a shoal of Piratical sword fish.

Our file of Foreign papers was delivered  at the Cluster office

Illustration: Ostrich going left (west?) with label “cluster” in its mouth.

In three hours + 15 minutes from Boston.—Where our express left

Boston – The Antedeluvian intended to start as soon as the

Necessary repairs were made

And the horse could be cured

Of the “ring bone”. These readers

May expect to refresh themselves

With the latest news during <next.

Summers visit to “Cape May.”

Important if True!!!

The ‘Repeel’ of the corn laws are rat-i-fied

P. 2


The introduction of ^ corn has caused much excitement as the B<ritish>

<ha>ve no proper ideas as to the various modes of cooking it. Many p<eople>

<ar>e seen limping about with blistered feet, on account of having

<ta>ken a verse of one of our “dark” songs for a true recipe

“The way to bake the hoe cake,    “Stick de hoe cake to de foot

“Ole virginny never tire                 “And hold it to de fire” .

Time and American cooks (who are much in demand) we trust will set

All to rights. The introduction of our important staple will have

A good effect as it will cause an interchange of hominy between the two

Nations. We fear the tug of war, when cornfed Jonathan meets

Corn fed Jonathan Bull. The English are becoming reconciled

To hominy, but as yet “they don’t know beans.”

Italy. A Bull of the Popes has been penned and is very furious.

Immense quantities of rousells soap are being used

to allay the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius.

China. A whole dinner set of the queens was recently sent

To smash. The emperor is warlike and it is said has a notion

Of asking the English again to “come to tea.”

Our foreign relations

Are coming over in

Private conveyance

To attend yearly meeting.

It is proposed that

The “cluster” hold an

Extra meeting so as to

Give them a decent


Our Foreign Relations.

The reduction of postage is very

much railed at. It is hardly

known whether it will be considered

as a de fencive or off

fencive measure.

The reduction of postage

The rail road movement will consign

Many to the stocks.

The picture represents one of the

Presidents of the companies as his

County seat, which he earned

By speculation.

The rail road movement

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