“You Have No Evidence”

Posted By on October 24, 2018

This absurdly ignorant argument can be found all over the internet by Oxfraud apologists.  I attach a current bibliography of my published work.  Those who claim that Oxfordians “have no evidence” are either lying, or they are ignorant.  If they want anyone to believe anything that they say, they need to step and admit that strong evidence and strong arguments have been made, and then do their best, after actually reading said arguments and evidence, to actually engage in real debate instead of filibustering with these deceptive arguments.
Here are four pages from James Warrens’ 2017 fourth edition of the Index to Oxfordian Publications.

You decide.

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Roger Stritmatter is a native liberal humorist who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Contrary to rumor, he does not live on North Avenue. He does, however, work on North Avenue. A pacifist by inclination, one of his heroes is John Brown. But he thinks that Fredrick Douglass, another of his heroes, made the right decision. Stritmatter's primary areas of interest include the nature of paradigm shifts, the history of ideas, forensic literary studies, MS studies, renaissance literature, and the history of the Shakespearean question, the latter a field in which he has published extensively.


4 Responses to ““You Have No Evidence””

  1. benhackman says:

    The charge is not that you have no publications, but that you have no evidence. If the Flat Earth Society produced a 4–page bibliography of their collected writings, would that be evidence the earth was flat?

    • Until you have read the publications, how would you know what evidence there is, Mr. Hackman? But since you have made a habit on Amazon of reviewing books you have not read, it is not surprising that you would eventually show up on my blog to peddle your nonsense here.

      Please be on notice that over-generalizations, especially when accompanied by your usual insults, will not be tolerated here. Start your own blog if you want to propagate the “no evidence” bullshit you are peddling. Or start reading and learn something.

  2. benhackman says:

    Dr. S. I will take you advice seriously and re-read one of the entries in your biblio. I have actually read quite a few, the latest your Billy Budd piece insinuating that Melville was a doubter. Then I will carefully and most important, politely, offer some thoughts.

    In the meantime, do you have any documentary evidence for Oxford. Your articles are, or course, documents. But we both know I’m still searching for some actual contemporaneous documentary evidence for Oxford, along the lines of what has been amassed for Stratford at shakespearedocumented.org.

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