Three New Discoveries

Posted By on June 8, 2015

Although this excerpt of my 1993 GTE documentary interview on on the de Vere Bible has been online for over a year now, I didn’t see it until now.

John Mucci, who posted the video, was one of the original producers of the GTE authorship program, and I am grateful for his making this resource available. Don’t forget to “like” or comment on Youtube:

You may wonder why I was looking over online photos of myself.

Perhaps it sounds vain, but some friends recommended the practice, since I didn’t have copies of most of them locally on my hard drive. That way I could pick the one I really liked.

The circumstance is that I’m speaking at Washington DC’s Cosmos Club in October to inaugurate the formation of a new Shakespeare Authorship group at the Club, which is being started, among others, by Richard Waugamun, Gareth Howell, and Mark Olshaker.

Apparently the Cosmos Club views the forming of this new group as some sort of investment in the future, so they wanted the best PR they could get. The Club now officially has two Shakespeare groups. There are two major contenders for authorship of the works, so it only seems right and natural — so, I presume, the reasoning runs — to have two groups on him and see which one becomes more interesting or popular in the future. Certainly that sounds like a fair thing to me.

The nice thing about looking up pictures of yourself on the internet is that it gives you a more objective view of yourself — you get to see who you are connected too, sometimes without knowing it, or who has your same name or one like it.

My cousin Paul Stritmatter doesn’t show up very prominently on a google word search for my name, but if you just search “Stritmatter,” you get this.  That’s my cousin Paul in the first two photos (and quite a few others that come up under this type of search).

Paul’s a “superlawyer” according to Superlawyers magazine – one who just can’t get enough of “picking fights with big shots,” but I just call him cousin Paul.

My own google search page (where photos of quite a few friends show up) is  how I made my third discovery, which was this 2009 press release on my student,  Marie-Anne Dogo-Isoganie, a Coppin Honors graduate in English from Nigeria, who has some very kind words to say.

Like the video from 1993, I didn’t know about this testimony until recently. I must thank Ursula Battle, then the public relations specialist of the University, for providing this interview. And, Marie-Anne, you da bomb.

About the author

Roger Stritmatter is a native liberal humorist who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Contrary to rumor, he does not live on North Avenue. He does, however, work on North Avenue. A pacifist by inclination, one of his heroes is John Brown. But he thinks that Fredrick Douglass, another of his heroes, made the right decision. Stritmatter's primary areas of interest include the nature of paradigm shifts, the history of ideas, forensic literary studies, MS studies, renaissance literature, and the history of the Shakespearean question, the latter a field in which he has published extensively.


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  1. Mark says:

    I hope you wear better suits nowadays. 🙂

  2. I’m still sartorially challenged.

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