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Posted By on March 13, 2011

If you haven’t seen this or this,  dear reader, you really ought to.

And if you are in need of twenty-five connections between de Vere and Shakespeare, just click your mouse together three times…..(.ppt file). The power point was originally created by Mark Alexander. Visit his site to learn about Shakespeare and the Law, among other topics.

Also, I just that realized that for no good reason at all, I had neglected to bookmark Bill Boyle’s excellent Shakespeare Adventure site, an oversight now rectified. Bill keeps sending me good traffic, so, thanks Bill!

We no longer live in boring times.

Nice music, too.

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Roger Stritmatter is a native liberal humorist who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Contrary to rumor, he does not live on North Avenue. He does, however, work on North Avenue. A pacifist by inclination, one of his heroes is John Brown. But he thinks that Fredrick Douglass, another of his heroes, made the right decision. Stritmatter's primary areas of interest include the nature of paradigm shifts, the history of ideas, forensic literary studies, MS studies, renaissance literature, and the history of the Shakespearean question, the latter a field in which he has published extensively.


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