Anonymous Stars Speak Out

Posted By on January 26, 2011

Well, its snowing outside in Baltimore this morning (and rather hard, too!).  Playing around reading some other Oxfordian news sites (which I don’t spend enough time doing), I turned up this Youtube video with Anonymous stars, including Rhys Ifans who is playing Oxford talking about the movie. The video is from an April 29, 2010 Babelsberg Studio (Berlin) press conference. As readers may be aware, Anonymous is scheduled for release in fall 2011, probably September.

Kindness Linda Theil and the good people over at Oberon, here’s  a transcript of Ifans’ comments: I play Edward de Vere, the earl of Oxford, the author of these works. He has a mind like a creamy pumpkin the size of the universe. . . ..I have been increasingly convinced as a wordsmith that this question allows us to access the magic of whoever person . . . . wrote this. . . .  a person whose life uncannily echoes every wail, every laugh, every limp and every cry in Shakespeare’s works. I’m kind of deeply moved by the whole thing and talking to you is a nuisance.

Need we say anymore?  Sounds like Ifans has been doing his homework. He even gets the limp. It also sounds like all those professors who have been sticking their thumbs in the dike for the past two decades while whistling dixie and hoping the Oxfordians will go away are in for a big shock.


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Roger Stritmatter is a native liberal humorist who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Contrary to rumor, he does not live on North Avenue. He does, however, work on North Avenue. A pacifist by inclination, one of his heroes is John Brown. But he thinks that Fredrick Douglass, another of his heroes, made the right decision. Stritmatter's primary areas of interest include the nature of paradigm shifts, the history of ideas, forensic literary studies, MS studies, renaissance literature, and the history of the Shakespearean question, the latter a field in which he has published extensively.


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