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Welcome to Shake-Speare’s
Our topic is Shake-speare’s Bible. The one he owned.
Really. No joke.
To learn what that means, please visit the “about” page.

Of course, since we don’t believe in censorship and bullying here, and we’re interested in a lot of different subjects — being, as it were, on an intellectual adventure of our lives — you’ll find a lot of extras here.

For example, every once in a while, we diverge to consider other topics in intellectual history — lately, the intense and exciting developments in online news and debate over the resurgence of “Cold Fusion”/LENR energy production, hailed by Gerald Celente and many others as a new industrial revolution “in statu nascendi.”

For more information on LENR, please visit or coldfusionnow!

You won’t be disappointed. For a selection of some of the very best online de Vere/Shakespeare resources, visit my links page. – Ed

If your site fits well with this list, let me know and I can list it.

What is LENR, Anyway?

Posted By on October 10, 2015 t-s. t-s.

I was reading this article reporting on a paper delivered at the recent Airbus LENR Symposium by Leonid Urutskoav,  “Phenomenological Model of Collective Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (Transformation),” at Frank Acland’s, which I’ve found to be the most informative of the LENR sites.

It contains one of the most interesting descriptions I’ve read about LENR — approaching it,  as I believe much evidence is suggesting we should, not as an isolated and unitary phenomenon,  but as a new branch of physics involving myriad possible pathways of reaction.

Peter Gluck, who originally released the article on his popular EgoOut blog, says of Urutskoav’s work: “it is a very important paper based on uncommon ideas, bold creative thinking and high class experiment.” (more…)

Nothing Truer than the Truth

Posted By on October 8, 2015

Cheryl Egan Donovan, producer/director of the latest authorship documentary, “Nothing Truer than the Truth,” has released a tantalizing preview of her forthcoming film:

Read or listen more at Cheryl’s website, Controversy Films.

Mutant Racism: Alive and Well at the Wall Street Journal

Posted By on October 6, 2015

the-year-of-lear-9781416541646_hrThe advance reviews for James Shapiro’s new book, The Year of Lear, have hit the internet and Shapiro has started his book tour, with a big kickoff sponsored by the “neutral” Folger library, which so far as anyone can tell, has learned almost exactly nothing from the errors and failures of Shapiro’s Contested Will, and still confuses “neutral” with “redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten where you are going,” to cite George Santayana’s definition of fanaticism.

Having yet to read Shapiro’s new book, I can’t comment in any detail on the contents, but if past experience  is any indication, the book is likely to be another Contested Will. This is the sort of book, at any rate, in which Shapiro specializes. (more…)

Playing Hooky at the Lyndhurst Academy

Posted By on September 19, 2015

I should probably be reading and commenting on student papers, so I am trying to see if I can come up with a good reason for playing hooky, and I’ve found it. I’m reading Ta Nehesi Coates Between the World and Me.

It is a terrifically moving fusion of autobiography, philosophy and advocacy that really should be read and thought about or with by any educated person in the United States (not to mention elsewhere).

I just got to page 26, where Coates is describing the bad circumstances and consequent results of his own Baltimore public school system (mis)education: he and his fellow students, Coates says, were being taught to memorize “theorems extracted from the world they were created to represent.”

Suddenly that seemed very familiar. That’s exactly what orthodox Shakespeare scholars do for a living. Some of them are so expert at it that they frequently can’t distinguish between the theorem and the reality itself.

p.s. (10/8/2015) – check out this notice of Mr. Coates award of a MacArthur grant,  just a few weeks after my blog!  Congratulations, Mr. Coates!  I am still reading the book…..

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In "From Crackpot to Mainstream"Keir Cutler, PhD, takes down the recent Shakespeare Beyond Doubt (OUP, 2013)

Criticism of Cutler's "Is Shakespeare Dead?": "A magnificently witty performance!" (Winnipeg Sun). "Highly entertaining and engrossing!" (EYE Weekly). "Is Shakespeare Dead? marshals startling facts into an elegant and often tenacious argument that floats on a current of delicious irony" (Montreal Gazette).